Reel Diving is a Scandinavian distribution company for diving equipment, representing manufacturers such as Cressi, Santi, Atomic, Ammonite, Stahlsac, Scubapro, Nanight, Xdeep, Hugyfot, Intova, Miflex, Procean, DIRZONE, Highland, Si-Tech, Luxfer and Eurocylinders and many more.


Monday October 17th, 2016

A new and exciting way too look at buoyancy and comfort in the water.

The very popular Ghost travel BC is followed by its bigger siblings. Soon at a dive centre near you!
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XDEEP's primary goal is to make dive systems better, safer and more ergonomic, yet keeping the simplicity and elegance delivered by the classic wing and backplate design. Three years of innovation, hard work and thousands of hours underwater have so far gone into achieving this goal. Our new systems are unique, innovative in design, engineering and materials technology. To recognise these breakthroughs we have named these exciting developments the NX SERIES. Two years after releasing the GHOST - our first NX design, a lightweight and revolutionary system for single tank diving, we are launching two new NX products born of that innovation: the NX ZEN (recreational diving) and NX PROJECT, a full featured technical wing system. You may ask, if it works why change it? The answer is simple: because good is not good enough for XDEEP. When developing the NX SERIES we have analysed every single part of the traditional backplate and wing approach and redesigned it completely. As a result our NX SERIES of NX ZEN, NX PROJECT and NX GHOST is recognisably a backplate and wing system, but takes the 'old' design to new heights in which every component has been refined to perfection. NX SERIES. Everything just got better. Please follow these links to see the PROJECT and ZEN product pages: www.xdeep.eu/zen-pr-121.html www.xdeep.eu/project-pr-122.html