Reel Diving was founded in 2009 as an effort to create a modern, flexible and cost effective distribution company.

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Reel Diving

Reel Diving is a an international distribution company for diving equipment, including scuba, surface supply, rescue and free diving. Our customers are dive shops, dive centres, commercial dive companies and government institutions. Our market area is Northern Europe including the Scandinavian and Baltic area, as well as the UK and Ireland. Reel Diving represents manufacturers such as Cressi, Halcyon, Santi, Suex, Shark Dive Gear, Kwark, JJ-CCR, K01 and Ammonite. We stock a full line of diving equipment including cylinders, regulators, suits, BC-systems, lights, hardware, cameras, scooters etc. Reel Diving is located in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast where we operate out of a 700 m2 warehouse / office in Mölndal. We service most of the gear we sell in our workshop. This includes a wet area, a drying room, a glueing room, a sewing workshop with various sewing machines, a mechanical workshop with a lathe, drill press and sanding station, as well as designated stations for CCR, DPV, regulator and valve service. We also service and repair heated undersuits/vests/gloves, bulkhead connectors, all kinds of primary and video lights, camera housings and more.

Reel Diving is owned and managed by Johan Ó Cíobháin Enqvist. Johan started working in the diving business in 1999. Since then Johan has been involved with retail, diver training, dive travel and manufacturing of equipment, thus most aspects of the industry. Johan began cave diving in 2000 in France and in 2005 became an IANTD Trimix instructor and Technical Cave instructor, having trained in Florida under Lamar Hires. He has extensive experience of deep and complex cave dives involving rebreathers, multiple scooters, multi sump side mount diving etc. Johan is also a factory certified service technician trainer for Halcyon and Cressi regulators, and a factory level 2 service technician for Suex scooters.

The Reel Team

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much..."



Reel Diving is owned and managed by Johan Enqvist


Sales and Service

Oscar is in charge of aftersales, servicing and product training.



August is responsible for Scandinavian sales and marketing



Marcin is responsible for marketing, after sale service and managing Halcyon Poland account


Commercial Sales

Anderas is working with our commercial and military diving clients



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