Nanight Tech Cave 2.0

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The Nanight Tech Cave is a durable and heavy duty dive light from Nanight. The canister mount is a heavy duty design of A4 Stainless steal and the goodman handle is made of CNC milled high grade aluminum.

In this updated version a single LED emitting 4000 lumens is paired with anew reflector resulting in a sharp 5 degree beam angle that cuts through murky waters and is excellent for signalling.


The Cave edition includes:

– Nanight Tech Cave 2.0

– Protective casing

– Soft goodman handle

– Hard goodman handle

– 1.5A charger

– Canister Velcro quick strap


Technical Data

– Max depth: 200m

– Microprocessor controlled light intensity

– PWM controlled 4 step dimming

– Temperature monitoring of the LED

– Effective cooling

– Magnetic switch

– Light output: 4000 emitter lumen

– 6700 mAh high quality Panasonic Li-ion battery

– Over 2,5 hours on full power

– Additional 1 hours of light with automatic power reduction

– Cable length: 1200mm