Scaleo Infinity

9 995,00 kr

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With Scaleo infinity you get the best from two worlds, both an excellent primary light and a great video light in one compact lighthead.

By having individually controlled light sources in one head you can adjust not only the amount of light but also what type of light you want during the dive. The spot and the wide angle are both controlled with analog continuous dimming

As an extra bonus this lighthead can be used with various batteries via an E/O cord as long as the voltage is between 8-26 V.

LED: 1x Cree XPH35
Angle: 5 degrees
Output: 13 Watt
ANSI Lumen: 1100
Illuminance @ 1m: 50 000 lux
Light temperature: 5000 K

Wide angle:
LED: 10x XP-G3
Angle: 120 degrees
Output: 60 Watt
ANSI Lumens: 6000
Illuminance @ 1m: 7000 lux
Light temperature: 5000 K

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