At Reel Diving we love diving and we love working with people who are out diving a lot.
This is why we have a team of divers that can help us with testing new equipment, tell us about needs for specific diving communities and also help us with demo days and events. All the people in Team Reel Diving are experienced divers that we encourage you to contact and ask for advice or tips for your diving. If you see them on a dive site, dont hesitate to say hi!

Annika Persson

Annika has been actively diving since 1994.
She enjoys the underwater environment because regardless of where you go, there will always be something new to see and to explore.

Annika is happily diving around in the shallow waters looking for macro photos, as well as she is having a fascination for sharks and other marine life. She is keen in exploring deeper wrecks, caves and mines. She is an active GUE Tech2 and Cave2 diver. Annika is a GUE instructor teaching classes from beginners to Tech 1. She is also a GUE Instructor Trainer, developing instructors within the GUE organisation.

The motivation for beeing an instructor is because she would like other people to get the enjoyment of the underwater environment the same way as she does.


Edd Stockdale

Edd began his diving career at the early age of 12 in the North Sea off of Scotland and has been diving ever since. He completed a degree in marine zoology and worked for many years as a researcher with various institutions publishing in the field of physiology and biophysics, for which he won the 2008 French Academy of Science Jouvance Medal in Marine Biology.
He decided in around 2008 to head into full time diving and moved to SE Asia where he has been working in both the recreational diving industry, educational institutions and research stations in many capacities.
In recent years Edd has been concentrating predominately in both technical and scientific diving, combining the two of the purposes of research expeditions. He has worked in the capacity of Dive Safety Officer for the University of Oxford, University of Essex and University of Malta on various expeditions. In these roles he has helped develop undergraduate field work training programs, application of rebreathers to ecological research in the mesophotic zone and help successful expeditions looking at un-dived wrecks.
With thousands of dives in a vast array of environments Edd is an instructor and instructor trainer for multiple agencies he spends much of his time training people around the planet, while also writing training manuals for technical agencies and presenting at diving conferences such as ADEX and Oztek.
In 2016 he was nominated for the Eurotek Discovery Award for his work in wreck exploration.
Generally when not working in the field he will be found diving in various areas of the world exploring new caves or diving new wrecks while being an outspoken advocate for an improvement in the level of training and recruitment of younger divers within the technical diving world.
He is a member of The Explorers Club in addition to being a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.

Teaching Qualifications:
RAID Instructor Examiner
Swedtech Instructor
TDI Instructor Trainer
SDI Instructor Trainer



Teppo Lallukka

Teppo Lallukka is a Finnish cave diving instructor. He has been diving since 1991 and teaching technical diving since 2001. He started cave diving 1997.
"In addition to flooded mines in Finland and Sweden, I have had the pleasure of diving caves in Florida, Mexico, Norway, France, Italy, Hungary, Australia and Thailand. I aim to visit new cave sites every year."

Currently Teppo teaches cavern/mine diving in Finland as well as Sweden and cave diving in France.

When he is not teaching, he enjoys multi-stage DPV dives as well as shooting video of caves and mines. Most of the diving is done in cold water, but he enjoys a warm water cave dive with no gloves and no hood as much as the next person.

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Per Normark

Per has worked with international war and peace issues for thirty years but is now focussing his attention on diving. Since 2016, he is one of the Swedish GUE instructors and one of the real enthusiasts behind GUE Sweden. Per became a GUE instructor in 2016 and teaches currently GUE Fundamentals and Rec3 (recreational trimix). He is also teaching dry suit classes on demand. In parallel to teaching, Per is managing "Dykplattformen", a virtual hub for divers who are seeking new adventures or additional training or experiences. Per has a passion for travelling, diving and exploration. He does most types of diving, but prefers wrecks and caves. In addition, he has a passion for education and for sharing his experiences. Last but not least, Per loves organising trips to dive locations off the beaten track.


Tiffany Norberg

Tiffany joins the team from Sweden and having spent most of her diving career in Scandinavia, her expertise is in cold water diving and deep wreck exploration. Her background is in designing training programs for athletes with more recent times seeing her concentrating on applications of this to dive exploration.
Her great passion is her JJ CCR and wreck diving, though she is happy to join pretty much any dive and share her excitement of the sport with both experienced divers as well as newer members of the community.
As a part of Gradient Technical and Scientific Diving she teaches a large range of courses, expedition support and diving logistics for other industries.
She is a member of the Baltic wreck exploration team Badewanne and has presented on the subject at diving events and shows.
RAID Technical Instructor
RAID Recreational Instructor
JJ Mod 3 diver



P-A Andersson

"I am a cold water diver with a thing for wrecks. In the most recent years I have also started getting an interest for other overhead environments such as Mines and Caves. I am currently invoved with exploration of a new Mine system in Sweden that we hope to introduce to the public within the year.

I am acitve instructor with SwedTech Diving and I enjoy training divers in all step from beginners to deep diving and rebreather training. I regularly travel to do courses both in Sweden and Europe."

Michael Wolhardt

I have always loved the sea and the feeling it gives me when I´am a part of it.
In 1995 I left my work as a carpenter and started to work full time with diving.
1999 I started a diveshop near the Baltic Sea. As a Baltic Sea diver wreck diving comes natural. Even if I enjoy all types of diving, wreck diving really makes me feel like home.
During the years I have had the great opportunity to dive wrecks all around the world and that have widend my way to teach diving, not just wreck diving.

I have used several dive training systems both as a student and Instructor.
2003 I started a dive training company named SwedTech Diving. The aim was to make SwedTech Diving to a dive training agency. In 2008 that was a fact and still is.

Teaching and sharing my experience is what it is all about. See the joy and excitement in a student when a new skill after hard work finally gets second nature is a great reward.

When you not find me in Sweden diving I might be in one of my other favorite divespots like Narvik in northen of Norway, Malta and the fantastic mediterrainian wrecks or Truk Lagoon that has become a ”must go at least every second year” divespot.

SwedTech Diving Founder and Technical Instructor Trainer/Examiner

NAUI Technical Instructor Examiner

Mikkel Stokke

Since he was a young boy, he had a fascination for the sea. It wasn’t until 2011 he got started with diving, but ever since its been a lot. Like a life style. As much as he enjoys diving himself, he is passionate about sharing what can be found below the surface and do underwater photography and lately got into underwater film making.

When he is not in the mines, caves or wrecks of the Scandinavian countries, he is involved in the different communities of local dive clubs. Today Mikkel is an active GUE diver with earned certifications as Tech 2, CCR and Cave 2. Working full time in a dive shop located in Oslo, it is a natural progression to continue the path of the dive industry and is now a GUE Fundamentals instructor. Another way to contribute to the community to develop the skills of current divers.

Anders started diving in 1989 and lasted for three years before life came in between and diving was put on the shelf. But the longing for the water was always there and in 2011 it was a start again and from that moment the equipment hardly gets dry between the dives. Basically, it is the passion for diving, all kinds of diving, that is the driving force, but the interest in technical diving has grown stronger and mine and cave diving specifically. Anders regularly dives all systems, backmount, sidemount and rebreather (JJ).

Anders is an instructor within NAUI, Padi and SSI and teaches technical diving down to 60 meters as well as mining diving on both backmount and sidemount.

As part of the In Water Under Land group, the long-abandoned mines are explored on Utö in the Stockholm archipelago. Since 2013, diving in the Stockholm area is also held every Thursday night throughout the year through the group "Vi som dyker på torsdagar". Anders is also regularly hired as tour manager and organizer of dive trips in Sweden and abroad.